Specializing in design and installation of solar and generator systems.

Solar arrays and generators are both great choices for back up power in case of a power outage. Not only that, but together they can be a main source of power. Contact us today to have us assess your home and property to see if solar power is a good option for you.

Renewable Energy for Your Home

Northwest Electrical Contractors specializes in installing, mounting, and wiring panels and whole solar systems including battery systems. A solar array system can save you money on your energy bill by back feeding the grid. It will also help back up your home by storing energy using a battery system in case of an outage. Solar arrays can be mounted on a roof or can be ground mounted depending on your home’s setup and acreage.

Sonnen solar power battery installation by Northwest Electrical Contractors

Worried about the occasional cloud?

SolarEdge Optimizers allow the rest of your system to continue making power even if one module is covered by shade.

Whether you prefer the convenience of on-grid living or want a completely off-grid system, a solar array and battery system can produce the energy you need.

Sonnen brand solar panel battery

Generator Installation

Installed outside typically near the main power, standby generators connect into your home’s electrical system. They are made to sense when there is a power outage and generate enough electricity for your whole home. No need to worry about your home if you’re gone—the generator will turn on when needed and turn off when it’s no longer required. They are sized to backup the whole house, but can be designed to turn off unnecessary power if the your generator cannot handle everything.

Cummings generator installed on the side of a house by Northwest Electrical Contractors

Northwest Electrical Contractors is proud to be a certified Cummins-Onan dealer.